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“I stayed in one of Elite’s rentals in 2017 & 2018. During that span I found Jim and the team there to be helpful, friendly and responsive to my needs.

Whether it’s a quick call or email, they get back to you in a timely fashion. They respect any inquiry and treat people fairly.

In addition to Elite, I’ve also rented with several other Winnipeg companies. None have met Elite’s down to earth style and friendly vibes.

My last visit to Elite happened to be mere days from month-end - typically a stressful time for rental companies! The folks at the office were as friendly as ever.

They really do make you feel like more than just a renter, and instead more like one of the family.

I’ll certainly recommend them to family, friends, and colleagues.”

-Previous Tenant


"Of course they are about the money. They rent you a place based on your ability to pay the rent. They then provide you a place to stay in exchange for the rent money. Then they expect you to pay the rent. From the landlord's perspective, they do what they're meant to do. As a tenant of Elite Property Management, I've only experienced them go out of their way since I applied for the apartment, and go out of their way since I have rented the apartment. I, personally, do not expect a company to give me great service if I do not pay for that service. I have found that as long as I pay for the service with Elite Property Management, I do get the great service that goes with paying for that service. Should I not be able to pay my rent, or be late paying, I would not expect any rental company to bend over backwards to try and help me out. That is not how businesses run. Therefore I believe that Elite is operating as a helpful and competent company."


-Yelp User


"My husband has been dealing with Elite Property Management since October, 2006. We have both found the Company to be extremely friendly and helpful. We had dealt with other property management companies in the past and were extremely grateful when we ended up with Elite after London. WE get answers back from them within a very short time, and they usually go above and beyond when they get the information that we requested. We end up with more detail than we had thought to ask for. 
The maintenance team is fabulous as well. All of the repairs that our properties have needed have been completed properly and in a timely manner. I find their rates to be extremely reasonable as well. We tried managing our properties ourselves for a while, but this is difficult to do long distance. 
I would highly recommend Elite Property Management to anyone looking for someone to manage their properties for them. We have never had it so easy!"


-Yelp User

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